Whats on Bristol Magazine May 2019

100 GARDENING How to get the best out of your garden for the coming year During the winter months, your garden still needs a bit of attention if you are going to get the very best out of it in the coming year. Here are some tips and ideas to help the process along. WEEDING, PRUNING AND RAKING Have a general tidy up and remove leaves and other debris from your flower borders, lawns and ponds. Although if you’d like to be wildlife friendly then its best to leave the tidy up until early spring. If the soil is workable you can dig a 5cm layer of organic matter such as well-rotted manure, compost or recycled green waste into empty garden borders. Wash your greenhouse before spring arrives! Before long your greenhouse will be home to trays of seedlings and cuttings. Sweep out any plant debris on the floor and benches and disinfect with a hot solution of garden disinfectant such as Jeyes Fluid. Now is the time to prune roses, shrubs and perennial vines. Remove dead branches and shape plants once new growth appears. Research proper pruning techniques for each variety, and hold off on pruning spring bloomers until after they flower. SOWING FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Start seeds of vegetables and annuals indoors 6-8 weeks before you plan to set them out. Make